How to love your liver; the love story of the century!

Actually, we quite often don’t love our livers we use an abuse them. But don’t feel bad we all do it! But if we show it a little love, you would be surprised what it will happily do for us.

The liver takes all the nasties and turns them into harmless substances and then gets rid of them for us, but it can only work so fast before it demands a holiday! Here are a few ways on how to give your liver a little love.

1. Try to reduce your intake of toxins – cigarettes, sugar, coffee, deep fried and processed foods; also overeating can stress it out.

2. Try increasing your water intake to help all the livers friends like the kidneys help flush out the nasties.

3. Try a liver tonic like dandelion root herbal tea or raspberry leaf and eat a lot of herbs like rosemary. They help support all the liver phases.

4. Make sure you exercise and sweat – movement helps the body eliminate and the nasties have to go somewhere. Movement exercises the inside and the outside of the body, it’s not just for building biceps or losing weight.

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