More options for you

Not sure where to start? We have more options for you.

Your choices:

  • Extra coaching phone calls to stay on track – £10
  • The Allergy MOT: intolerance test plus 30-minute consultations before and after the test results – £80*
  • Cupboard MOT – an assessment of your shopping habits. This can be done from photos – £50
  • Guided shop – a 1-hour, organised at a designated supermarket/store of choice within the central London area. Price on enquiry.

*The intolerance test is charged separately.

Self-help products:

Seasonal packages with support: £48

Can’t manage a full programme? Maybe you’re short on time or budget but still need a little help. These complete products are a great way to get yourself moving in the right direction.

  • 40-minute remote consultation through Zoom or phone call
  • All questions focus on the package you have chosen.

Examples are listed below.


  • Immune support (general)
  • Mood and energy: Managing your energy levels better
  • Weight management: Diet and motivation


  • Managing allergies: Including seasonal allergies
  • Feeling good in your own skin: Reducing bloat and improving your skin texture
  • Get ready for the party season: Alternative options to drinking alcohol and healthy party ideas

Packaged products are based on seasonal related issues. We will focus solely on these in our consultation, if you wish to look further into a more holistic approach to your overall health, please contact us about our nutritional or coaching programs.



I can also contact Naomi for support and advice during these difficult and exhausting periods in my life.


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