Nutrition for business

The Digestive Workshop offers great learning opportunities to help you and your colleagues better food allergy management.

From employee induction and training modules, to team building exercises and events. Even if you are not in the hospitality trade, The Digestive Workshop can help your employees to add healthy eating to their work-life balance.

Healthy eating shouldn’t just occur at home it is also very important in the workplace. Are your employees losing focus in the afternoons and does work output suffer as a result? Then healthy habits at work might be a good way for all involved.

Naomi had extensive experience in hospitality prior to her career change into nutrition in 2013. She understands the nuances of the hospitality industry, as well as customer satisfaction from an allergy perspective. Over the past 20 years, she has managed her own allergies gathering extensive experience in that time, seeing the development of allergy management in the industry. She worked as both a restaurant manager and a bar manager, but also has extensive experience in event management stretching over 10 years – designing menus and client specific food requests.

Beyond compliance

We offer full training packages to hospitality businesses focusing on much more than simple health and safety practices or being aware of the ’14 allergens’. We help your people understand the customer journey and how better practices will help them feel included, regardless of their allergies or intolerances. The aim of this training is to promote a better customer experience resulting in customers coming back to you again and again. These diners and patrons would usually feel left out. Your new approach could make the difference.

What we do
  • Targeted and bespoke allergy awareness training.
  • Coaching your people to ensure a better customer experience for allergy sufferers
  • Allergy management strategy to yield a better customer return rate

Contact Us

  • Practical applications and tools for effective allergy management
  • Allergy compliance assessments for your business
  • Online and face-to-face training packages available*

*Face-to-face sessions subject to Government Covid-19 guidelines.

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