Personalised programmes

If there is an issue you have been living with for some time, and really want to get it resolved, this could be the programme for you.

Nutritional Programmes: The full spectrum programme

  • 6 weeks and can be extended to 12 weeks; agreed upon before the end of the programme
  • 3 sessions – 1 initial for 1.5 hours, 2 x follow up sessions of 45minutes
  • Designed around your needs or goals
  • additional services are available such as clinical testing
  • What we cover: food choices, menu & kitchen ideas, lifestyle & work-life balance, motivation and supplement suggestions

Nutritional Programme Price list:

Initial nutritional programme of 6 weeks £350.

Programme extensions from 6 to 12 weeks £150

Coaching programmes:

Need advice on the best diet for you?

Simply covers your diet, kitchen tips and lifestyle habits including exercise and relaxation.

  • Are available in 4 weeks blocks
  • 2 sessions – 1 x initial 1 hour call (or zoom session), followed by 1 x 45 minute call (or zoom session)
  • Coaching over the 4 week period to track your successes and discuss your challenges.
  • A Food menu included for 2 weeks – tailored to your particularly dietary needs.

Price: Coaching programmes for 4 weeks £200

Rolling Monthly support

For those who feel they have a good grasp on things already and just need to check in once a month to keep on track with coaching support.

Price of 2 months of rolling extensions are £80

Rolling extensions are:

  • available only after an initial programme has been completed
  • 1 session 30 minutes done remotely – via Zoom or on the phone.
  • Rolling extensions require a minimum commitment of 2 months.

Programme adjustments will be made as you progress.



I would strongly recommend Naomi and TDW to anyone looking to improve their health. She is highly knowledgeable and has a very calm professional manner.

Dr. Anand

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